About Bernd Wolf

German designer Bernd Wolf intrigues us with his sophisticated collections and their captivating, clear-cut and minimalist design language. Bernd Wolf was one of the first jewelry manufacturers who established silver with a high-grade gold plating – a material combination that is not only appealing, but also perfectly skin-compatible as well as affordable. Whether in silver or enhanced with durable gold plating, his pieces incorporate elaborately handcrafted surface texture with stones of particularly high quality and beauty. Diamond, carnelian, kyanite, onyx, pearls, smoky quartz, black spinel, turquoise and sponge coral account for the great appeal of his creations and their distinctive design language. Each piece of Bernd Wolf jewelry is unique and tells its own little story. Offering an affordable, unlimited Lifetime Service, Bernd Wolf guarantees you lifelong pleasure with your piece of jewelry.