About Fjord Design

The factory is located in  the small town of Kinsarvik, which faces the picturesque Hardanger Fjord of Norway. Hardanger Bestikk is the largest producer of quality flatware in Scandinavia. Fjord Design flatware is inspired by the Scandinavian way of life – honesty, simplicity and functionality. Many of the designs are named after the founder’s daughters and granddaughters. Scandinavian metal craft traditions coupled with decades of production experience, product development and manufacturing technology, have created products that are truly unique – and cannot be found elsewhere. Fjord Design’s products are made of the highest quality Swedish stainless steel, labeled 18/8. This means that the steel alloy contains 18% chrome and 8% nickel. Chrome provides the optimum corrosion resistance, while nickel gives the flatware its bright luster. All Fjord Design® stainless steel products are dishwasher safe. All flatware has a lifetime warranty.